What is the Importance of Apostille Your Documents?

same-day apostille service Israel

First, we have to understand what Apostille exactly is? It is the name for certification of all your legal papers and is generally needed for paperwork such as children’s migration to international schools, driving license, etc., in abroad. International apostille services When we talk about International Apostille services, foreign countries are differentiated into two classes. Those […]

All You Need to Know About Notarized Translation Services in Israel

Notarized Translation Services

Israel doesn’t have an institution, particularly as a “certified translator.” There is only one way of certifying a translation in Israel is by notarized translation services. Many translation and notarization services are available for everyone, and that too at an affordable range. Notary in Israel Notary in Israel is a licensed and practicing lawyer for 10 […]

What Is the Right Choice for Procurement Process Documents?

Apostille Documents

When you establish a business the first challenge that comes in front of you is it takes extra effort. As a buyer or a seller, it is necessary to know the importance of documentation in procurement. What is a procurement process document? Procurement process documents are used to support a government or a business to […]

Points To Remember When Choosing An Apostille Document Service

Sealed Papers

The first challenge of establishing business across the globe takes extra effort. You need an authentic company to deal with documents. Today, when data circles the globe in nanoseconds, company documents often require additional processing to be deemed authentic by those foreign jurisdictions that have asked for them. There are few important things to be […]

Israel Certified Translations Services

Israel does not have an institution as a “certified translator.” The only way of certifying a translation in Israel is through a notarized translation form. There are many Israel certified translation services available for the public. What does certified translation mean? It means that a translator has provided a signed statement that the translation is […]

Document Procurement from Israel

Document Procurement

Having all your documents in place is vital for completing the immigration process on time. Many times, organizations find that their employees do not have all their documents required for a particular foreign assignment. With an experience of over a decade in directly handling document procurement requirements for corporate and private clients, we facilitate the […]

Notarized Translations from Israel

Notarized Translation Services

Israel Apostille specializing in legal and certified translations. Our qualified translators are native language speakers originating from more than 50 different countries. We work in 64 languages from Albanian to Vietnamese. At Israel Apostille we translate documents for a variety of bodies including the Department of Immigration, universities and colleges, social services, local, regional and […]

What is an Apostille? How Can I get it in Israel?

What is an Apostille?

An Apostille is a certificate attached by the Court or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel, confirming that a document has been signed by a notary public or other public official. It confirms that the notary public or public official is, in fact, a genuine notary public or public official authorised by the Israeli […]