If you don’t know, then let us tell you that Israel does not have an institution as a “certified translator.” If you want to certify a translation in Israel, then you can do it through a notarized translation form. There are many translation and apostille services available for the public so that their legal documents can be translated easily.

But first, we have to understand what does certified translation mean?

Certified translation is defined as that a translator has provided a signed statement that the translation is correct and is an accurate translation of the original. It is the responsibility of the translator to check the documents properly to avoid any kind of confusion.

What is Notary in Israel?

A notary in Israel is a licensed and practicing lawyer for at least ten years. To become a notary in Israel, the lawyer should not have any criminal records or ethical offenses.

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He should have experience and good character in the legal community. A notary in Israel will certify signatures, copies of documents, translations, etc. A notary does all these actions, and only a notary’s certificate can have an apostille stamp on it. You will find various notary and apostille services for Israel.

Every licensed notary of Israel is registered with the Ministry of Justice. His details and signature appear in their records. The document which has to be apostille first needs to be notarized.

Work of Notarized Translation Services

The process of notarized translation is such that the translation is either translated by the notary himself or by a professional translator. After the translation, the notary examines the document and compares it with the original. If he feels that something needs to be changed, he will tell the translator to make some changes in the documents before certifying the translation.

After the process is complete, the notary will append the notarization of the document. He will bind the certificate, the translation, and the original copy with a red ribbon and close the red ribbon with a red seal.

It is necessary that the notary seal and signature will appear on each page. On the red seal, the notary will append his signature and stamp.

Final Words

Notarization and apostille services are a complex process, so it needs to be done by professionals. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy service provider, then you can consider Israel Apostille. They have in-depth knowledge and can proceed with your process in no time. They provide international apostille services at a reasonable price. Apostille of documents is necessary to enter other countries.