Israel doesn’t have an institution, particularly as a “certified translator.” There is only one way of certifying a translation in Israel is by notarized translation services.

Many translation and notarization services are available for everyone, and that too at an affordable range.

Israel certified translation services

Notary in Israel

Notary in Israel is a licensed and practicing lawyer for 10 years minimum who does not have any criminal record or ethical expenses. A notary in Israel should have a good character in the community.

He will certify signatures, copies of documents, translations, etc. After all the procedures, only a notary certificate can get the apostille signature.

Every licensed Israeli notary is registered with the Ministry of Justice. If anyone wants that their documents to be apostille, then it first needs to be notarized. You have to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and they will append a signed and sealed sticker on the back of the notary certificate.

But a question pops in your head that what is apostille exactly? It is an official verification certificate that is provided by the authorized government for any official records.

What are the essential documents that are required for an apostille Israel notary?

Below is the list of the following documents that are needed for an apostille Israel notary:

Process of Notarized Translation Services:

Final Words

If you are looking for international apostille services, then Israel Apostille is the name you can trust on. Hire a notary in public Israel rather than doing it yourself.