When you plan to move to a foreign land, you need numerous verified and certified documents from your country. They are the legal proof that all your records are correct so that you can enter another country. You need services that can legalize your documents for official international use and guaranteed acceptance.


Apostille is a way to legalize your documents. If you are traveling or doing business abroad, the rule is that all the relevant documents need to be processed through MEA for verification purposes. MEA will provide a sticker called an apostille. This sticker (Apostille ) will receive a tracking number for the country you are traveling through, which the authenticity of the records can be verified.

It is always sufficient to get an apostille birth certificate before departing the country.

international apostille


Have you ever thought about how to apostille my birth certificate? Apostille has become more and more prevalent these days. Israel Apostille is a professional language service agency in business for many years that handles all legalization processes from certified and notarized translation services to obtaining an apostille birth certificate so that your documents will be valid and accepted outside the country.


You can do this process by yourself, but you need a provider of birth certificate apostille along with fast and affordable services. Do you know the right agent who can translate any personal document in 24 hours? Any organization overseas will accept our legally certified translations as valid. Israel apostille is the best place for getting a birth certificate easily.

You have a birth certificate that needs to be used in a foreign country; then, you need that document to be authenticated so that it can be recognized in that country. We are your reliable provider that provides an apostille translated birth certificate, which is legal to use in foreign countries.


If you are planning to move abroad, then you need someone for an apostille birth certificate. You can consider Israel apostille for the services. They have been in the apostille industry for several years and serve numerous clients. Your apostille is held to the highest standard of accuracy and confidentiality.